Pacific Painting

Pacific Painting Company in Santa Barbara, California, renowned home and residential painting company began almost as an accident. Only, as the founders, Bob and Jim would say, “there are no accidents.”

Both were pursuing graduate degrees in Philosophy at University of California, Santa Barbara when a friend asked if they would paint his house. With their positive “can do” attitude, and the fact that they needed the money, they agreed. Nine days later and $350 richer, Pacific Paints began. Since the partners were students of Philosophy they approached creating and managing their growing business with deliberation and debate. They debated business names, painting techniques and the meaning of life. The name Pacific Paints was eventually settled on and real business cards were printed. The techniques and expertise developed with practice, training and more practice. The meaning of life is still under debate.

After a few years, Jim was offered a tenured position at Santa Barbara City College and he traded life on a ladder for life at a podium. Bob Latham became sole owner of Pacific Painting Company. He has now, 40 years later, a dedicated, well trained and professional crew headed by Rob Gruenberg, Production Manager. Pacific Painting Company expanded to commercial painting a few years after their start as residential painters and they are now the premier painting contractors for businesses, hospitals and historic buildings in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Ventura, and Santa Ynez.

Building contractors love working with the Pacific Painting Company team because, as Bob puts it “ we do professional jobs problem free.” Pacific Painting Company uses the newest technologies and does continual training of their team. They are a “green” company, being leaders in the field of low and no toxin painting. The secret of their success? “We do what we say we’re going to do.” And you can quote Bob on that.

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